Ahhhh, Spa Week.  The one time when you can get a deep tissue massage or facial in New York City without stressing your wallet.

Spring is the perfect season to take advantage of these discounted luxury services.  While many people spruce up their homes this time of year, they often forget to give their skin the care it needs after months of cold harsh weather – particularly your face.

I recently visited one of my favorite places in NYC – Haven Spa in SOHO. Haven is also a frequented by Diane von Furstenberg and Estelle.  Advice from their experienced estheticians are worth taking notes on.  Here’s what I learned about pampering your face before and after a facial.
Prep But Don’t Pop

I’m the type of person who does a quick clean-up before the housekeeper arrives – you know to spare myself the embarrassment.  So it’s no surprise that I also like to pop a pimple or two before a facial.  It turns out that’s a big no-no.  Haven’s esthetician Hannah, says popping a pimple before a facial could cause swelling and redness that could irritate the skin during the treatment.  Instead, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face in the morning.  Also avoid heavy make-up before and after your treatment.
Chill With The Tan

Thinking about getting a facial before a sun-filled vacation?  Plan accordingly! Hannah recommends waiting about a week after your facial to tan.  Some treatments, like facial peels, can overexpose your skin to harmful UV rays. Even with sunscreen, you could end up doing more damage to your skin than good if you tan immediately after a facial.

Learn Your Skin Type
Your pores have personality, which makes your skin unique. It’s important to know whether you have dry or oily skin; or skin that is sensitive or ageing.  Your skin type could determine the type of facial you’ll need. Certain retinal treatments can irate dry or combination skin. If you’re getting a facial for the first time, allow the esthetician to examine your skin before committing to a treatment.


Now that you know your skin type, it’s time to select the facial cleansers and moisturizers that best work for your skin.  While there’s debate about drugstore brands versus spa products, there’s no debating that you should heed the advice of your esthetician.  The pros know the best types of products for your skin.  For example, speak with your esthetician about whether you need products with retinal or if you should include a serum in your moisturizing routine.

If you need to give your mind, body and soul a little R-and-R, then book your spa appointment now.  You’ll thank yourself later.

Note: Haven does not participate in spa week. Haven has $50 spring break specials.  Click Here to learn more.