My Friends Refused to Close the Bathroom Door… Until Now

I love my friends and it turns out my friends love me too… too much.  While I like to think of my home as a safe haven and open to everyone, a few my besties have taken my open door policy to the extreme. And I’m not talking about the door you’re thinking of. Too often my closest friends and family members use my bathroom with the door wide open! While our conversations are always intriguing my bathroom certainly is not soundproof. So I gave them a reason to want to close the door, since relieving themselves wasn’t enough.
I painted my bathroom door with chalkboard black paint. Next to the sink are a few pieces of chalk. Now my guest can tag the door – after they wash their hands of course. I want the door to be reminiscent of the New York City nightclubs scribbled with graffiti or reminiscent of a high school bathroom stall… ‘For a good time call (insert name here)’Chalk Board Black Door


I placed a few pieces of talk inside a seashell I got in Jamaica.

Now any suggestions on getting them to stop double pumping my Bath and Body Works hand soap?