Are you on LayAway?

The act of keeping contact with a guy/girl that you find interesting but don’t want to date, usually once a month – in the hope that they will stay free from other attachments, and you will remain fresh in their memory.

Over the years, women have relied on each other for relationship advice or they seek the one male friend willing to share his thoughts on their dating woes. Most times men will only give you bits and pieces but never really enough information to satisfy your thirst. Some women fail to follow their intuition because they are so engulfed in the thought of being in love, ultimately falling in love with the wrong man.

I bring all this up because I was scrolling through Instagram like so many of us do and I ran across a man by the name of Derrick Jaxn aka “The Self Love Ambassador”.  Mr. Jaxn is an author, YouTuber, Philanthropist and I’ll add motivational speaker. Jaxn is a speaker driven to evoke thought. He is a speaker for everyone but most importantly he is the ‘dog’ jaxnwhisperer for women–EVERYWHERE!  He gives you the raw truth even if you don’t want to hear it. With almost a half million followers, it is clear the people enjoy what he has to say. Jaxn has a series of videos on his YouTube channel that challenge the way both men and women think with regard to relationships. Hell, he is the “ideal man” but he’s taken. #HappilyTaken 

As I began to view countless videos, such as: Types of girls who do NOT belong in the friend zone, The REAL reason he just can’t leave you alone and How to know for SURE when he’s not into you. It occurred to me that many women are on layaway and  I understood why so many people are drawn to him. He’s telling you what you already know but choose to ignore. So after watching these videos if you are still unsure, I’ve taken the liberty break it down for you.

  1. Side piece | He’s trying to pass some time because the current chick in his life isn’t really doing it for him or he’s not looking to commit.
  2. He’s Sorry & Misses You | Perhaps he sees this as his second chance to make things right. As I stated in my Ring Off!! Game on! I’m a hopeless romantic but proceed with caution. Heartbreak sucks!
  3. He ain’t got shit to do | You got it! You guys have great sexual chemistry and he isn’t in a relationship but definitely not looking to create one with you. You are just a booty call. Sorry. If you receive late night texts, snapchat sex and dick pics. Yep, it’s  just sex.
  4. You’re not going anywhere | You’re convinced he’s changed and you believe his stories. You cling to his every word as if it’s truth. And just maybe he has changed a bit. But that show only lasts for a little while until his true colors are released. Hell…everyone enjoys a great love story but he just may be a #fuckBoy.
  5. Bye Boy Bye! | Just as we females have our intuition, a guy has his radar. He will sniff out…like a dog…no pun intended–your moves.  Thanks to social media and word of mouth, he will see that you are happy and content. You will receive a phone call or text message. TRUST me. I suggest you stay the course with your new ‘bae’!

Ladies you are not a thing. Things are put on ‘LayAway’. You are a queen that should be adored, admired, cherished, and loved. If he is not giving you the basics it’s time to close the door. Stay the course ladies, prince charming is out there…somewhere.