Coco’s Top 5 YouTube Tech Gurus

It’s 2017 and technology is at its best!  Everyday new technology fuels our desire for more and more. We’re increasingly dependent on our electronic devices. They don’t just live with us, they live on us . This is why I consult these gurus before making investments. These Techies give you a complete rundown on the products they review. Here are my top 5 tech gurus/enablers.

  1. Marques Brownlee

Brownlee is a self proclaimed ‘Tech Head’ with over 4 million subscribers. Vic Gundotra, a former Google executive for Google Plus, called him “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.”  I would have to agree!

2.  Unbox Therapy

With more than 7 million subscribers, you can see why people tune into Lewis Hilsenteger’s Unbox Therapy. Hilsenteger is almost always over the top when he shares the latest gadgets and innovations. He says his channel is where the products get ‘naked’. Cute. 

3. TechMe0ut

TechMeOut is new to my lineup of YouTube greats. Her presentation style leaves you memorized by her knowledge and enthusiasm when describing the differences between iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel.  Check out her channel if you’re ever unsure about a product!

4. Lamarr Wilson

Lamarr Wilson is a former school teacher turned YouTube gamer. He showcases technology and gaming systems. Lamarr has me laughing and clicking the amazon check out button at the same time. Amazon should thank Lamarr because I’ve purchased 1 Alexa and 3 Dots! He’s a dangerous brother.

5. Jonathan Morrison

What I love most about TLD ‘s videos is his “Best Tech Under…” He categorizes the best gadgets under a certain dollar amount. So if you’re a techie on a budget, check him out!