Relief! Watch The Best Super Bowl Ads Before the Big Game… So You Can Pee During The Breaks.

Football fans are gearing up for Super Bowl LI.   It’s the one television event where people actually want to watch commercials.  Hours of must-see TV can make that trip to the bathroom a wee-bit tricky.  Give yourself a break between plays this Sunday.  Watch the latest Super Bowl ads now. #Relief.

Budweiser  “Born The Hard Way”  

This is the story of Budweiser’s founder’s journey to America.

Intel  “Brady Everyday”

Intel presents Tom Brady waking up, brushing his teeth and eating a pancakes off the floor. Proving that, with Intel 360° Technology, you can make anything look epic. Literally anything.

Skittles “Romance”  

A teen tries to romance his crush while her family and special guests taste the rainbow.

 Mr. Clean “Cleaner of Your Dreams” 

Mr. Clean gets a sexy upgrade.  He can certainly wax my….. floors.

Wendy’s “Cold Storage” 

Wendy’s shows you what the ‘Othr Guyz’ don’t want you to see.

 Febreze “Halftime #BathroomBreak” 

Febreze is all of us during Super Bowl halftime.

Which Super Bowl commercial is your favorite?  Comment below.