Don’t Come For Me! Epic Clapbacks!

Don’t Come For Me Unless I Sent For You.  It’s a good rule of thumb for people who use their twitter fingers to spark beef on social media.

We’re not talking about agreeing-to-disagree on politics and personal preferences. Trolls are dissing, attacking and insulting celebrities and other social media members.  But haters are getting a taste of their own nasty medicine in the form of epic, and sometimes hilarious, Clapbacks.

Some of the best clapbacks happen when people points out a troll’s own stupidity or the irony in their insult.  That’s not hard to do in today’s political climate.  Here are some of our favorite Clapbacks:

Clapback Queen Chrissy Teigen throws major shade at a critic who questioned her fertility methods.

Kirk Franklin isn’t afraid to “stomp” on a Twitter troll who came for his family.

Apparently, someone didn’t like what J.K. Rowling had to say about Mike Pence.  Cut to the Harry Potter author rolling in dough.

Sometimes the simplest clapback happens when you point out someone’s own stupidity.  Just ask photographer Brigette Supernova.