Ashton Kutcher Bashes Muslim Ban

President Trump’s refugee ban is personal for actor Ashton Kutcher.   Kutcher opened Sunday night’s SAG Awards by taking a shot at Trump’s Executive Order to ban Muslims from 7 countries.

“Good evening, fellow SAG-AFTRA members and everyone at home. And everyone in airports that belong in my America,” he said, referring to the hundreds of men, women and children still detained at airports across the country under Trump’s order.  “You are part of the fabric of who we are. And we love you and we welcome you.”


Kutcher bashed the ban on Twitter early Sunday, reminding Mr. Trump, and those who support the measure, that his wife is a refugee.

Mila Kunis, who starred alongside her hubby in “That 70’s Show”, escaped Ukraine to America on a refugee visa as a child.

Kutcher, 38, took to Twitter again late Sunday asking the Trump Administration for #ABetterWay.

“If standing for the America that doesn’t discriminate makes me a left wing actor who is out of touch. Fuck it,” he tweeted. “As an American I respect my president but I do not respect this policy. #ABetterWay. I believe in protecting borders. I believe is enabling safety and security but we do so with honor. We are Americans. #ABetterWay. This isn’t no nonsense policy this is no sense policy. #ABetterWay.”