2016 Was Hotter Than You Think

Not even Beyoncé could cool off 2016 with Lemonade.  While politics and celebrity deaths made many Americans sizzling mad, it turns out planet earth was sizzling hot. Last year was the warmest on record according to two U.S. agencies and international weather groups.

NOAA calculated that the average 2016 global temperature was 58.69 degrees (14.84 degrees Celsius) – beating the previous year by 0.07 degrees (0.04 Celsius).   The reason –scientists blame man-made global warming with help from El Nino.


And if you still think climate change is a hoax, take it up with the Trump administration’s head of the EPA.  During his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Scott Pruitt said that climate change is real, disagreeing with his new boss, President Trump and flopping on his own past statements about global warming.

As for the third rock from the sun, scientists expect a cool down in 2017.  #WipesSweatFromBrow